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As fluorophlogopite mica grows through various process conditions and material ratios (otherwise there is no shortage of mica crystals), its texture is very pure and has excellent electrical insulation properties and high temperature resistance. As a high-frequency medium, fluorophlogopite mica is characterised by low loss, stable dielectric constant, non-ageing, unbreakable and easy to commission. Fluorophlogopite mica has good resistance to high temperatures, corrosion and light transmission, and can withstand temperatures up to 1100°C. It does not react with strong acids and alkalis. Compared to traditional natural mica, fluorophlogopite mica has a better flatness and absorbs fewer impurities. Fluorophlogopite mica has also been chosen for experimental testing due to its ability to absorb multi-wavelength beams. As fluorophlogopite mica does not emit H2O vapour, it is an excellent choice for vacuum insulation.

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