Benefits of using level gauges mica sheet


In coal-fired power plants, it is essential to have reliable and durable water level measurement equipment. Previously, many factories used fluorophlogopite for this purpose. However, advances have been made in premium mica materials, which offer better performance and longer life.

The level gauges mica sheet is extremely strong to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. In thermal power plants that used fluorphlogopite before, 3 units exclusively used high-quality mica specifications, and 7 units used high-quality mica and natural mica at the same time. After six months, the device, using only high-quality mica gauges, was intact and maintained a clear and clear appearance.

One of the main advantages of level gauges mica sheet is its high hardness, which makes it highly resistant to furnace water washdown. This resistance ensures that the pressure gauge maintains its functionality and reliability even under challenging conditions. In addition, the level gauges mica sheet does not undergo chemical reactions, which further enhances its applicability for long-term use in thermal power plants.

A high-quality mica gauge for water level measurement has a smooth, transparent surface that is lint-free. This feature allows for accurate readings and keeps the meter in top condition for an extended period of time. The clarity of the gauge face allows the operator to easily monitor the water level without any obstructions.

According to the experience of various power plants, it is generally believed that the service life of level gauges mica sheet used for instrumentation is 1 to 2 times longer than that of natural mica. The extended service life provides significant cost savings as it reduces the frequency of instrument replacement and maintenance.

In summary, there are many benefits to using a good quality mica gauge for water level measurement in thermal power plants. From increased strength and safety to resistance to furnace water washdown, these gauges offer long-lasting reliability. With its smooth and transparent surface, the operator can easily monitor the water level without any hindrance. By selecting a quality mica pressure gauge, power plant operators can ensure that their equipment is operating efficiently and safely.

Benefits of using level gauges mica sheet

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