Japanese customers love Taiyuan's fluorine crystal mica.


Japanese BBK water level gauge company, NBK water level gauge company and other high pressure water level gauge manufacturers have been using fluorocrystalline mica as the observation window for many years. And said: "after the use of fluorine mica, we have solved a lot of previous problems."

Boiler drum water contains alkali, natural mica reacts with alkali, and then washed by hot air and hot water, it is easy to hair, scale and be broken.

So that the water level meter can not see the water level clearly in a short period of time (about 1 mi for 2 months). It was breached and caused a leak.

Fluorocrystalline mica does not react with acid-base solution and hydration reaction with water, so it does not layer, scale or break. Under the long-term (2 ~ 3 years) flushing of high temperature and high pressure water (including acid and alkali), it can still maintain the original clarity and transparency.

Japanese customers love Taiyuan's fluorine crystal mica.

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