On the staff training of fluorine crystal mica


Yesterday afternoon, the company conducted a training on fluorocrystalline mica for new employees, which is intended to improve everyone's understanding and understanding of the products in order to better serve customers.

First of all, let's get to know what fluorine crystal mica is.Fluorine crystal mica (also known as artificial mica, synthetic mica large crystal), belongs to silicate artificial mica crystal. It is a mica crystal melted in platinum yard under 1500C high temperature through strict process conditions and material proportion. the material often used in industry is natural mica, and natural mica is a kind of underground ore formed naturally, which belongs to silicate. There are many kinds, but most of them are gold mica (brown) and Muscovite in industrial production.

fluorocrystalline mica

Then, through a video demonstration, we combed the characteristics of clear mica flakes

1. Clear mica flakes has excellent electrical insulation and high temperature resistance.

2. Low dielectric loss at high frequency, stable dielectric constant, non-aging, unbreakable and easy to debug.

3. Clear mica flakes has good flatness and does not absorb impurities.

4. Clear mica flakes has excellent vacuum sealing performance.


Due to the above characteristics of fluorine crystal mica, the application of mica sheet is also very extensive. In the next phase of training, we will also continue to conduct training on the use of mica to enhance new employees' understanding of the products.

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