• Bicolor Water Level Gauge Mica Sheet
  • Bicolor Water Level Gauge Mica Sheet

Bicolor Water Level Gauge Mica Sheet

Brand Taiyuan

Product origin Changchun, China

Delivery time 3 days

Supply capacity 2000pcs/day

1. Bicolor water level gauge mica sheet has high temperature resistance feature.
2. Bicolor water level gauge mica sheet has good anti-corrosion feature.
3. Bicolor water level gauge mica sheet has unique non-scaling properties.
4. Bicolor water level gauge mica sheet has strong corrosion resistance and can work in high temperature acid and alkali environment for a long time.

Bicolor Water Level Gauge Mica Sheet

Bicolor Water Level Gauge Mica Sheet

The natural mica plates traditionally used in the observation window of bicolor water level gauge are all brown, and the light transmittance is not good, and the temperature resistance is in the range of 200-700°C, especially the corrosion resistance is poor. After reacting with natural mica and alkali, it is washed with hot air and hot water, and it is prone to fluffing, scaling, and being broken. In the short term (about 1-2 months), the water level is not clearly understood. After being broken, it can easily cause leakage. This mica for bicolor water level gauge does not react with the acid-base solution, and mica for water level observation instrumentdoes not react with water in the hydration reaction, so that it does not form a layer, does not scale, and does not break. In the long-term (2 to 3 years) scouring of high-temperature and high-pressure water (including acid and alkali), the original clarity and transparency of thismica for water level gauge can still be maintained.

The Parameter of Bicolor Water Level Gauge








Diameter 5~75mm

Conventional thickness of manufactured products for 0.2mm and 0.1mm, the thinnest thickness can be 0.02mm. According to your needs to the shape and size of processing in the largest size range.

The Feature of Bicolor Water Level Gauge

Compared to traditional natural mica, mica sheet for water level observation instrument is resistant to corrosion, long term hot water wash out, better heat resistance and light transmission properties. It is also resistant to temperatures up to 1100°C. It does not react with strong acids and alkalis. This mica sheet for water level observation instrument also has full light transmission and pure transparentcy. It does not layer, scale or break. The mica sheet for water level observation instrument retains its clarity and transparency even after a long period (2 to 3 years) of high temperature and high pressure water (both acidic and alkaline). In China, it has been widely applied to the observation window of steam boiler water level gauge in high-pressure boilers of thermal power plants. It has also been selected by Japanese BBK company and NDK (Colin) company for the observation window of high pressure boiler drum level gauge.

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Changchun Taiyuan Fluorophlogopite Co., Ltd is located in Changchun high tech industrial Development zone. It is a high technology economic entity integrating scientific research, production and management. The company has been committed to the research and development of fluorocrystalline mica and its products since 2004 to meet the needs of national industrial development. We have a professional technical team, and our strong technical force has laid the foundation for the development of our company in the field of new materials. With the spirit of "harmony, modesty, pragmatism and innovation", we implement the development strategy of "technology, internationalization and industrialization". We look forward to pushing more fluorocrystalline mica products into the field of high technology and making outstanding contributions to the development of science and technology in China and the world! At the same time, we have been actively looking for agents in international markets to cooperate and win together.

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